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Fortinet Unified Threat Management

Fortinet makes a wide variety of security products. Fortinet's security fabric can intelligently protect your entire network: from the endpoint to the cloud and everywhere in between, delivering industry-leading, end-to-end simplified security that won't slow you down.

We focus on the Fortinet Unified Threat Management devices, the Fortigate line, that combine the functions of firewall, switch, virus scanner, intrusion prevention and much more. Every small business needs to protect itself from and disable all threats at the edge of the network, as well as to control the actions of users with business policies that help insure productivity in a safe environment.

Fortinet is a key element in the line of security products we offer our customers, along with Kaspersky Lab antivirus, CrytoPrevent ransomware protection and Retrospect Backup software.

Fortigate Features

  • Firewall
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Gateway anti-virus
  • Gateway anti-spam
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Content filtering
  • Bandwidth management
  • Application control
  • Centralized reporting

Not every Fortigate model contains every one of these features, but there are models available for any size business, from mom-and-pops to enterprises.

Fortigate Benefits

Protect the edge of the network, as well as wireless traffic and external traffic. All traffic is scanned for viruses, malware and spam as a first layer of protection.

Comply with regulatory requirements, such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA.

Provide road warriors with secure connections, both from outside to internal network resources, and also protect them by routing VPN traffic out to the Internet. They can actually be on the road, connect to the office with the VPN and browse the Internet, receiving the same level of protection as an office worker.

Prevent workers from wasting company time and resources connecting to social media and news sites. Block file sharing services such as BitTorrent from consuming network resources.

Administer firewall settings with a single pane of glass administrative tool.

Most Fortigate models are available with built-in wireless access points.

Protect both physical and virtual servers.

Success Stories

Download and read about Fortigate success stories from around the world.

Additional Fortinet Products

  • FortiManager  --  Centralized Management Platform
  • FortiAnalyzer  --  Centralized Logging & Reporting Solution
  • FortiAP  --  Wireless Access Point
  • FortiSwitch --  Secured Access Switch
  • FortiAuthenticator  --  User Identity Management Server
  • FortiSandbox  --  Advanced Threat Prevention System
  • FortiDDos  --  Hardware Accelerated DDoS Mitigator
  • FortiMail  --  Messaging Security Server
  • FortiWeb  --  Web Application Firewall
  • FortiADC  --  Application Delivery Controller
  • There are fourteen more FortiProducts, but this hits the high spots. If you need to secure any part of your network operations, there is probably a specialized product to help you.