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Passport Affordable Care Act Management Software

Passport makes a suite of affordable programs that will help an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) prepare, track and report when health insurance has been offered to employees. The Affordable Care Act does not simply mean you must track and report employee eligibility for one year, it's an on-going monthly requirement that does not disappear. This is a Human Resources function that can demand a lot of time, but with Passport ACA Management your administration time is greatly reduced.



Screen Shot

PBS ACA Screen shot


Product Prices

These prices are for Single-user Windows installations. Multi-User Windows systems are available for additional cost. Linux versions are also available with the same functionality.

Existing Passport Business Systems Payroll users may be priced by using the following table. Click the product name to find out what size business each program covers.

ACA Solution Retail Price Annual Support Total
ACA Essentials TM $1,495.00 $224.25 $1,719.25
ACA Corporate Edition TM $2,595.00 $389.25 $2,984.25
ACA Enterprise Edition TM $3,995.00 $599.25 $4,594.25
ACA for Accounting & Payroll Service Providers TM Call for details    


If you don't currently use Passport Business Systems Payroll, you may price using the following table. 

ACA Solution Retail Price Annual Support Total
ACA Essentials Edition $3,585.00 $537.75 $4,122.75
ACA Corporate Edition $4,685.00 $702.75 $5,387.75
ACA Enterprise Edition $5,995.00 $899.25 $6,894.25

Please call for additional details and clarification. Distinguishing between versions can be fairly confusing, so let's discuss your specific situation.