Setting up Two-Factor Authentication in Facebook

Here's a step-by-step outline for the simplest method, using text messages for 2FA. You must have, at minimum, a phone that receives text messages.
I use an Android, so if you're on an iPhone this will differ slightly.
I tried to find a good Youtube video but most were too complicated or were mostly unintelligible.
Steps are similar on a PC, but not the same.
If you implement 2FA on any device the same method will need to be used on all devices where you use Facebook.

If you have multiple devices your choices are either using text messages or using Google Authenticator, Authy or some other authenticator. As I said, text messages are universal, although they're not as secure as other messages.

This is very easy to do and every Facebook user should use this level of security at a minimum.

Launch Facebook on your smart phone

1. Find the Settings menu. On my Android I touch my Avatar in the top right corner, then touch the gear icon at the top of the screen.
1a. iPhones may have a Menu in the lower right of the FB screen, not sure, you just need to find Settings.
2. In the Accounts Center at the top, touch Password and Security
3. Under Accounts settings, again touch Password and Security
4. In the Login & Recovery section, touch Two-factor authentication
5. You may have to choose your FB account if you also use something like Instagram, then enter your FB password to verify that it's really you.
6. Select the Text Message (SMS) method, which is the simplest to use.
7. Enter your smart phone number. You should immediately receive a six-digit code to enter and prove that the phone number you entered is yours.
8. Save and exit Settings according to screen instructions.

That's it.
You need to complete any additional steps if Facebook as added anything, but I don't think there will be any.
Logout of Facebook and back in and enter your password and the code from the text message you will immediately receive.
You can set an option at this point to never ask again on this device, and you should take that option. That way using 2FA is completely painless for you.

Now if somebody from Podunk, Alabama or Werefreezingourass, Russia steals your password and tries to login as you, they will be using a new-to-Facebook device for your account, and you'll get a text asking if they're legit. Answer in the negative and you'll block all future attempts to hack your account.

Sending out broadcasts to your friends several times a year announcing that you've been hacked will be a thing of the past.

Please do this. We're all begging you, just do it.