Don't be this guy; control your inventory
Use PBS Accounts Payable to control your cash flow and timely payments.
TimeClick software records employee time and provides management reports.
Get a complete Affordable Care Act control program, not simply a form printing utility.
Access your system securely from any location.
NCR CounterPoint can give you complete control of colors and sizes.
Control network security with best-of-class FortiNet appliances.
Focus on controlling your business with our software.
Bring your payroll in-house, hosted on your system for security and maximum control.
Call us today at (417) 864-4404 to discuss your business software needs.

Distributor with Light Assembly

Your company specializes in distribution. Your customers want some products to be modified, or components added, removed or assembled. You need to accurately control the additional work.

You can expect these operating improvements with PBS Manufacturing.

  • Reduce and better manage your inventory
  • Sell both purchased and manufactured items
  • True bills of material allow for material and production planning
  • Manage inventory through re-order levels or even through forecast sales
  • Keep you system as simple as you would like it to be


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