Use PBS Accounts Payable to control your cash flow and timely payments.
NCR CounterPoint can give you complete control of colors and sizes.
Don't be this guy; control your inventory
Access your system securely from any location.
TimeClick software records employee time and provides management reports.
Bring your payroll in-house, hosted on your system for security and maximum control.
Control network security with best-of-class FortiNet appliances.
Get a complete Affordable Care Act control program, not simply a form printing utility.
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PBS Accounts Payable Software


Safeguard your profits: With accurate information on vendor and supplier costs, payment due dates, available discounts, and money owed to creditors while reducing fraud with Positive Pay features.

See vendor balances at a glance: Vendor display includes contact information, terms, current balance, recent purchases, discount, payment and memo purchase amounts, as well as default GL Distribution accounts.  

Reduce fraud: Create Positive Pay records for your bank for an effective anti-fraud tool. Your bank clears only those checks you approved. Upload files detailing each check run to the bank in a batch.

Audit trails protect your operations: New payables, prepaids, adjustments, and cancellations with edit lists and journals.

On-time accurate payments improve credit: Set vendor terms and aging of accounts based on days, or on day of month.

Finish work faster: Enter, edit, and select Recurring Payables and quickly turn them into vendor invoices.



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