This has been a hell of a ride.  I've been working sporadically on learning Joomla! 3, with a lot more intensity over the past few weeks. I finally finished at least the rough version of a site which I thought was presentable enough to put up on the Internet. There will be a lot more additions and tweaks as time goes on.

I had decided, based on nearly everything I've read, to abandon GoDaddy as a host. As far as Joomla! goes, almost every review of hosting sites placed two hosts at the top of the heap, SiteGround and BlueHost. So I flipped a coin and picked SiteGround, because the features they offer are perhaps slightly better. As soon

as I started to work on getting my site installed, I began to have major problems with being forced to login to CPanel repeatedly. I couldn't complete a simple wizard, it was timing out and forcing me to login again at nearly every screen. I called and chatted with support, and was told "That's the way it is, when you're idle for ten minutes you're forced to login again." Problem was, I never got even close to ten minutes, and was never idle for that long. So I requested and received a full refund from SiteGround.

On to Bluehost. And I experienced the exact same problem with their version of CPanel, with one important exception. They gave me an error message that my IP address had changed. Ah-ha!!! A clue! They think they're detecting a Man In the Middle attack! I have two internet connections from two different providers in my office, both connected to a Netgear UTM-25 which does load balancing on the two interfaces. So I simply disconnected what is usually the slower of the two connections until I completed my site transfer.

I still had a serious struggle with MySQL, phpmyadmin and getting my site to work, since this wasn't a simple site transfer of a working site on another host. This is a complete re-write on a different development platform. It's now up and running, and the real fun lies ahead, with many more additions and enhancements.

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