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Upgrading Bricked my FortiGate 60D


Note: The original problem that prompted the creation of this blog entry was when I attempted an upgrade to FortiOS firmware 5.4.1. I did read all available information prior to this upgrade, but nevertheless the upgrade bricked my unit. This situation has since been resolved, and the latest release notes (dated 6/22/2016 or later) have a special section that tells how to handle this upgrade for this specific unit. Read and follow that procedure and hopefully you won't need the following.

Improving Manufacturing Order Turnaround

"Our Sales staff used to have to come out to the shop floor for stock status updates. We did not have control of our raw materials and finished goods inventory..."

The Occasional Pain of Upgrading Firmware

This describes some of the problems I encountered when upgrading from FortiOS 5.2.7 to 5.4. I have installed several point upgrades and patch releases to the FortiGate in the past few months, and frankly was a little to trusting about this. I had planned to install 5.4 on Friday evening, then go to dinner with my brother. I didn't anticipate any major problems, but I got them anyway. Fortunately this was with my in-house FortiGate 60-D so I wasn't faced with the prospect of having a client down while I sweated this out. I went to dinner anyway and resumed troubleshooting the next day, but because time was limited it was Sunday before I really had things rocking again.

What I Did Wrong

  • I did not read the docs before I installed this upgrade.
  • I didn't follow best practices.
  • I didn't take my own advice that I give my clients.

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