Please Uninstall Quicktime

Apple has announced that they will no longer provide security updates or patches for a program called Quicktime. Check now, and if it's installed on your system understand that it is a known security risk.

Before long somebody will email you a cute little video of puppy dogs or kitty cats that only plays on a QT player, and when you play it it will infect your computer with a virus, or something even worse.

Simply use the appropriate program, probably "Programs and Features" in the Control Panel, and uninstall Quicktime. You'll never miss it.

If you have a video that requires QT and is irreplaceable, call or contact us and we'll help convert it to another format.


What? Nothing!


I don't know why I love this video, but I do. You've seen the "What? Nothing!" exchange in movies, on TV and in real life.

This is a video presentation of the Passport ACA program, featuring maintenance and setup, reporting and forms generation examples.


Passport Material Resource Planning

Passport will be holding a webinar about Material Resource Planning on April 20, 2016.  This is part of the Passport Manufacturing suite of ERP programs.

Material Resource Planning will:

  • Helps ensure the materials and parts are there to support your production
  • Reduces over- or under-ordering inventory
  • Facilitates planning and forecasting
  • Optionally plan for inventory needs automatically while you're entering a sales order

You can get more information by calling us, or call this guy:

David Dorsey

800.969.7900 x145



Fortinet Website


Fortinet Next Generation Firewalls

A Brief History

I came to the conclusion several years ago that my customers needed a better way to protect their computer systems from external threats, something over and above what a combination of a stateful packet firewall and good anti-virus program could offer.

After investigating products from network vendors that I was currently using, and came across Unified Threat Management devices. UTMs are a product category all their own. This is a list of the expected capabilities of a UTM.