When should you run chkdsk

I service and support a lot of computers for my clients, and I often encounter unexplained situations with program misbehavior that I eventually resolve by running the chkdsk program in Windows. If you're a complete novice, Chkdsk, with its most commonly used options, checks the integrity of the internal directory that the operating system uses to record and control the locations where files are stored on the hard drive. Chkdsk (pronounced "check-disk") goes way back in history to the earliest versions of Microsoft operating systems, and although it has changed to some extent at least on the surface, it's the same program.

Advice on securing a Joomla! website

One year ago, I was struggling through a couple of episodes where my website (the one you're on right now) was hacked. I am using a program called Akeeba Backup, which in my humble opinion is absolutely mandatory for anybody using Joomla! My site is backed up automatically every night.

I would come into the office on Monday morning (always) and pull up my site using Internet Explorer and bang! Kaspersky Anti-virus would give a warning and refuse to load the site because it was infected. So I would get into the site backend administration and take my site off line, then into the host with cpanel and run through the Akeeba Kickstart process to completely wipe and replace the site with a backup from a couple of days before. I lost some information, not a lot, but it was stressful and I didn't want to have my site blacklisted as insecure. 

I researched solutions for this issue, first turning to the generic security recommendations here: https://docs.joomla.org/Security_Checklist

Take action now to avoid penalties.

This is good information from Passport Software about avoiding penalties. ACA reporting is coming up in three months.

Contact us today for information about the ACA program. 


Has your business outgrown Quickbooks?

A number of experienced bookkeepers and accountants warn about the potential of fraud with older versions of QuickBooks, in which the audit trail can be deleted. Fraud is actually a bigger problem than most business owners realize. It’s often the most trusted staff that take advantage of a business owner.




Reasons to move to WordPerfect and away from Microsoft Word.

I've been an enthusiastic user of WordPerfect for decades. I kept using the DOS character version much longer than I should have, but I could do everything I wanted, almost. Eventually I upgraded to the Windows version, and found that Corel had made the program work extremely well. It was consistent with the keystrokes I'd always used under DOS, but leveraged the tremendous additional graphical power of Windows. I had to learn next to nothing to keep working full blast, but of course I have learned a lot in the mean time.

Microsoft Word has always been awkward for me to use, to say the least. I struggle constantly to do the simplest things. Now they're forcing everybody to the 365 products, so Microsoft can save all of your work to the cloud to compete with Google Docs. I prefer to have my documents on my computer under my control. Rarely do I yearn to access a document while I'm on the road. The reason for this is I'm rarely on the road any more, compared to my life ten or twenty years ago. Now I sit in my office in my chair in front of my computer, and am a virtual worker on the systems I maintain. Why would I need to have my word processing documents in the cloud?

If Microsoft Word is the bane of your existence, or at least a constant irritant, download a 30-day free trial of WordPerfect and give it a whirl. I like the Professional Edition, which you can download here.

Read this article for a good summary of the things you can do. Hello WordPerfect, Goodbye Word!