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Get a complete Affordable Care Act control program, not simply a form printing utility.
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NCR CounterPoint can give you complete control of colors and sizes.
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Don't be this guy; control your inventory

CounterPoint POS software comes in two flavors.  This page is strictly about the NCR CounterPoint SQL product which runs on the Microsoft SQL Server database.

If you're interested in the CounterPoint Version 7 program, which is the original version of the program, click here to go to a CounterPoint Version 7 page.


NCR CounterPoint POS Software


CounterPoint is a product of NCR.  Through our association with Southwest Data Systems, we sell and support the programs, and we have all resources necessary to ensure that your system has the right features and runs at peak performance.

NCR CounterPoint is designed to be a consolidated system of applications that synchronize with each other seamlessly.  CounterPoint has a one-screen POS that makes quick transaction entry a priority, yet puts a wide range of options at the fingertips of the user.

The basic NCR CounterPoint program includes point of sale, inventory control, purchase orders, barcoding, scanning and sales history. It tracks apparel sizes and grids, supports credit card swiping, label printing, gift registries and frequent shopper rewards, customers names and addresses and vendor information.

NCR CounterPoint will remain current with the latest credit card security standards as they evolve.

There is a full range of reports in the program, and customized programs are at your fingertips by adding modules so you can design your own reports with Crystal Report Writer, Microsoft Excel or Access.

NCR CounterPoint supports multiple stores, from one to five hundred users. NCR offers an affordable annual software update program, so you always stay current.

NCR CounterPoint interfaces with several accounting packages, including the Passport Software CashPoint program, which is designed exclusively to integrate tightly to CounterPoint.

Here is the NCR CounterPoint short introduction in an Adobe Acrobat PDF. 

Here is the link to the NCR CounterPoint web site.


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