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We have been users, resellers and fans of Microlite BackupEdge software for several decades now. If you're using nearly any version of Linux or SCO Unix, BackupEdge is the best choice for you. The companion program, RecoverEdge (which is included), creates recovery media that you can use to rebuild an entire system. You can do that as a reconfiguration project (upgrading hard drives) or rebuilding a crashed server.

Nearly any reasonable backup media choice can be selected, including the following:

  • NAS / FTP / NFS resources
  • RDX drives and changers
  • Amazon S3 Cloud resources
  • LTO tape drives and changers
  • DVD or CD drives
  • Many, many older technology devices

We have set up most of these devices for testing and real time production backups, and can provide expert support for your system. BackupEdge has pulled our fat out of the fire more than once.

You will be able to define Master, Incremental or Differential backups for simple or complex scheduled backup tasks. Informative reports are generated when scheduled events occur with full information about success or failure of the job, and may be printed or emailed to you.

Backups may be encrypted if you're legally required to do so, such as to meet HIPAA standards. The encryption module is an extra charge, but the modest expense is certainly worth the peace of mind.

Our favorite story about Edge is this: Several years ago, one of our customers was using BackupEdge, running on a nightly scheduled backup. The server crashed and when we replaced the hard drive and began to restore the backup, we found that the most recent backup was made on a tape cartridge that had a bad spot about 1/3 of the way through. BackupEdge restored the archive to that point, displayed an error on the screen, then read past the bad spot on the tape and resumed the restore. By comparing the list of files on the tape and on the system, we were able to identify the single file that occupied the flawed spot on the tape and reinstall it from other media. In our experience, most other backup programs will simply stop and refuse to continue with an error such as this. Our customer would have lost a full day's worth of data, but as it happened they lost nothing. BackupEdge tries to succeed, and that's worth every penny of its modest cost. That customer has since retired, the business closed and the building demolished, but it is still a notable event.

Microlite BackupEdge is the backup solution of choice for Linux and Unix systems. Please contact us for more information and a quote.

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