Passport Software Inc.


Passport Software Inc. is committed to preserving and expanding on the proven technology which began with Real World Software in the early 1980's, bringing it forward into the 21st Century. Tens of thousands of businesses have used this software for many years. With proven accounting integrity that complies with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and a wealth of new features that rival those of enterprise level accounting solutions, Passport Business Systems is an excellent choice for small and medium businesses.

Many low-end accounting programs have questionable accounting integrity and lack suitable audit trails to operate a small business. Passport will easily accommodate the intensive data entry requirements of businesses with high transaction volumes.

You can maintain high staff productivity with a traditional character version of the software.  You can also use a modern graphical user interface (shown above) on either a Windows platform or use a graphical thin client to connect to a Linux server.  PBS software will use either the Vision file system for ultimate speed and reliability, or the Microsoft® SQL Server® database file system for enhanced flexibility and reporting.  Either choice offers options to create your own reports with programs such as Crystal Reports, and Microsoft® Excel or Access or other ODBC compliant programs.

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If your business requires both bill-of-materials or manufacturing functions, as well as customer-facing requirements such as retail point-of-sale Passport has an integrated ERP solution for you. The Passport Manufacturing website has a ton of good information on it. This suite of products is particularly well suited for a business that has light assembly, wholesale distribution, and/or retail requirements. It can address some unique combinations of applications very well.