Read this for an update on the status of SCO Unix


SCO was the company that owned the Unix operating system, an economical Unix system that was unparalleled in speed, flexibility and reliability. Many SCO OpenServer systems will run for months without rebooting or even a serious error. SCO made a commercial quality operating system with a business that made reliability a priority, just what you deserve in your business.  SCO Unix was designed from the ground up to support multiple users in a high performance environment, and to be economical on a per-user basis as well. 

However, to put it charitably, the company was mismanaged into the ground.  There were lawsuits, which were lost at nearly every stage by SCO, and at the end of several years SCO was without much of a clientele.  If an operating system isn't enhanced and secured on a consistent basis, then application developers will go to more lucrative platforms.  We now sell only a single application that will run on the latest version of SCO OpenServer 6.

The assets of SCO were bought by a company named Xinuous and they are enhancing and supporting the product. Our latest encounters have been positive.

SCO OpenServer is practically immune from the scourge of viruses at large in the world today, but the regularity of security patch releases has slowed to a crawl. Therefore we can no longer recommend that you purchase or install a new version of SCO OpenServer.  Xinuous has announced a new operating system release called OpenServer 10, which has not been released yet that we can find. OpenServer 10 will be based on 64-bit FreeBSD. While we have used FreeBSD in the past, and have found it to be very reliable and secure, you should approach this from the standpoint of the software applications you use, and whether they will run successfully on this operating system. FreeBSD is certainly not 100% compatible with any variety of the Linux operating system, and it wouldn't be prudent to assume that every application will work on OpenServer 10.

All of that said, we still support a few SCO OpenServer 5 and 6 systems that run just fine.  We are still officially Authorized Partners, and we will support your system.

Our blanket recommendation is that you pursue one of these paths:

  • Virtualize your OpenServer system to help make you immune to hardware failures.
  • Transition to one of the Linux operating systems (we like Rocky Linux, which is a community version of Red Hat Linux).
  • Transition to a Microsoft Windows™ platform.
  • If you stay on OpenServer, use Microlite BackupEdge to make daily backups.

We can help you with any decisions in this arena.  Don't wait until your system crashes to make this decision, take action immediately. Virtualize and Backup.