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We specifically began carrying the Transoft U/SQL program to satisfy the needs of CounterPoint 7 users. CounterPoint 7 has an available option called SQL Connection, which uses the Transoft U/SQL package to create ODBC links to the databases. By using the ODBC links, you can access the data and customize your own reports by using programs such as Microsoft Excel™, Microsoft Access™ or Crystal Report Writer™. The client that was delivered with the SQL Connections package included a client that only works on older 32-bit Windows operating systems.

We have used SQL Connection to write customized reports of various complexity for many of our clients.  We can do that for you, too.

By installing an updated client for Transoft U/SQL, you will be able to use a 64-bit version of Windows. We sell the Transoft client software upgrade. Contact us now for more information and a quote. This is not a terribly expensive program, and we believe you will find it very much worth the money.

Important Note: If your version of CounterPoint 7 is running well on its existing platform, and if you're using the SQL Connection option, we strongly suggest that you not upgrade to a newer operating system unless you've thoroughly tested the SQL Connection functionality. In particular, we have found that SQL Connection server software will not load or run on newer versions of Linux.

You can contact us for more information, but the bottom line is that you may be limited to continuing to use the version of the operating system you're on now. There are some solutions, but this is an important factor that you should take into consideration before such an upgrade.

 You can visit the Transoft U/SQL page for more specific information.

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