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I may have been slightly negligent, but I’ve been meaning to write about the Affordable Care Act and have not because I couldn’t decide on a direction to take. I could write a lot about the #ACA, entirely avoiding the political aspects, and while I’m still a novice I have good, knowledgeable people to lean on.

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If you have anything close to fifty employees, you first need to determine where you fall under the act. When the ACA was passed, a lot of employers announced that they would simply lay off employees, reduce hours for some people and hire more part-timers, or any number of less-than-brilliant dodges. Of course, the IRS was paying close attention, so the ACA regulations are like a labyrinth designed to prevent all of the above evasions, plus some that probably nobody has thought about.

This makes compliance a bear, and that bear will eat you if you don’t move fast. ACA compliance is not something you’re just going to ‘get’ in a couple of hours. It will take weeks or months before you really begin to comprehend it. You can’t farm it out. There are several heavy management decisions that must be made, and the implications of poor decisions may be severe.

The first of many decisions is to evaluate how many Full Time Equivalent employees you have. Do that here and now at the link below. I’ll be writing some more very soon. calculator